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Act fast: Save over $100 on a Samsung Galaxy tablet, top-rated air purifier and more

Earbuds and tablet on sale at Walmart
Listen to this: Get $30 Philips earbuds and $100 off a Samsung tablet! (Photo: Walmart)

Tech gadgets are typically high on everyone's wish list around the holidays, but they're also the items most likely to break the bank. That's why these deals from Walmart are so incredible. Whether you're looking to upgrade a wearable device or finally switch to a connected smart home, we've got you covered.

Quick overview

Don't let shipping delays and inflation put a damper on your holiday season this year. We've teamed up with Walmart for their Deals for Days program — which is running now through the end of November — to bring you the most epic deals on every gift you're searching for. With about $300 in savings across all five items below, you can absolutely afford to spoil everyone on your shopping list this year with the gadget they've been talking about for months. Plus, reviewers say these products are worth the splurge — deal or no deal.

1. Save 100 bucks on a sleek new tablet

Tablets come in all shapes and sizes these days and with similar functionality. All of your choices then come down to the very specific features each brand and generation offers. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is known for its sleek, lightweight build. At just 1.12 pounds, you can easily carry this tablet in your purse or duffel bag and still get incredible streaming on the 10.5-inch screen. Plus it packs a 2GHz processor and 4GB of memory for fast downloads and playback despite its diminutive size. Whether you buy it in grey or pink gold, you'll likely love your new device as much as this reviewer: "This works as I expected, just great! Perfect size for my needs. I replaced an old tablet of another brand that gave me fits with poor performance from day one. Since I've had Samsung galaxy cell phones for years and never had any issues, I figured this would be just the ticket. I'm highly pleased and definitely recommend!"
$229 at Walmart

2. Score an Apple Watch for $50 off

Monitor everything from your heart rate to your email with this handy wearable. The future is here and it has a lot of us speaking cryptic messages into our wrists. The Apple Watch Series 8 offers all of the features you might expect from a wearable device these days: phone calls, text messages, email, a heart rate monitor, a blood oxygen monitor, sleep tracking and a compass. The newest features on this version include notifications for your temperature changes plus insights into your menstrual cycle. You can truly do it all from your wrist, and the watch comes in two sizes and four colors: midnight, red, silver and starlight. Whichever you choose, you'll be looking like a super fit spy each time you tap the display.
$349 at Walmart

3. Keep connected with this Google hub that's a steal

All home hubs are created equal right? Wrong. This 2nd gen Google Nest Hub is actually made from 54% recycled plastic, which means you can feel good about bringing a new tech device into the world. You can still expect all of the features of your favorite Google Nest products: video calls, music streaming, an interactive calendar and synchronicity with all of your other Google devices including your Nest Doorbell or Nest Cam. As this reviewer proves, there are probably a bunch of ways to use this hub that you haven't even thought of yet: "I really like this updated one. I use it to display photos from my phone. I also like to stream music while I am cooking or cleaning the dishes. It can also turn my cabinet lights on and off. I use it to display the weather before I leave for work and to tell me about my commute to work."
$55 at Walmart

4. Breathe easy with over $100 in savings

If you suffer from allergies or work and live in an environment with pets, smoke, construction dust, you name it, the Coway Airmega air purifier could help. This HEPA filter works in spaces up to 361 square feet and captures up to 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles in the air, including pollen, pollutants and other allergens. It also helps with strong odors. One reviewer bought the device for California's wildfire season: "It does the job handily in my room, which is about 300 sq ft. (and also very dusty because it is an old house and my room is a converted porch.) Each of my roommates also has one of these air purifiers, so we are all now fans (no pun intended). The setup directions were clear and the setup itself was not challenging. It is extremely easy to see how to operate the device and to understand what it is telling you about air quality."
$128 at Walmart

5. Listen up: These headphones are only $30

These water-resistant headphones won't stop playing music or handling your call even as you break a sweat on the treadmill, at the gym or running around with the dogs outside. They sync easily through Bluetooth with any smart device you're using and they're super comfortable compared to some other designs. This reviewer was thrilled about being able to switch from one audio stream to a call: "The Philips True Wireless Earbuds work so well. They fit snug in my ears and don't fall out. I have used them to watch shows on my phone and the clarity is perfect. When my phone rings when I'm wearing them I can answer and even leave my phone in another room and still be able to talk and hear them with no problem. I am so unbelievably impressed my these little buds."
$30 at Walmart

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