Deanie Ip: "Wong Kar-wai films too long"

Deanie Ip: "Wong Kar-wai films too long"

4 Feb – Everyone including the fans and actors in the movie industry is well-aware of director Wong Kar-wai's trademark style of spending years to shoot one particular film, and Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Deanie Ip even remarked that his production time is too long for her to star in his movies anymore, considering her age, according to Asia Fanatic.

Deanie said that she has fallen in love with Wong's work after watching "The Grandmaster" which was in production for 10 years.

"I wasn't a fan of Wong Kar-wai but after this I finally have a Hong Kong director that I really like. And Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is exploding with cool!" she claimed.

When the 65 year-old was asked about the chances of her collaborating with Wong, she replied, "Do I want to work with them? Leave that to fate! I don't want to make a martial art film, watching is enough."

Deanie also said, "At my age I shouldn't follow others. In addition, Wong Kar-wai takes several years to make a movie, so I am afraid that I won't live through the shoot."

While critics and fans noted that Zhang Ziyi's scenes have exceeded Tony's, Deanie has a different opinion, praising the actor for his brilliant performance in the film.

Deanie and Tony were co-stars in the TVB series "Encounter With Fortune" and "The Lunatics".