DJ Dee Kosh posts video of himself crying after being flamed by BTS fans

Dee Kosh cried in a video on Twitter after BTS fans criticised him for saying the K-pop band’s songs sound the same. (PHOTOS: Screengrab from Twitter video/Reuters)

Singaporean radio DJ and Youtuber Dee Kosh merely offered his opinion that songs by boy band BTS sound similar – now he is apparently distraught after being attacked by fans of the K-pop sensation, who call themselves ARMYs.

Dee Kosh, who deejays for Power 98, made a Twitter post on Thursday (18 October) saying, “Unpopular Opinion : BTS’s songs all sound the same. I need something fresh! Come on now….”

He attracted a deluge of criticism from ARMYs, who made personal attacks on him and sarcastically pointed out songs from BTS that sounded different.

BTS’ popularity has spread far beyond their home country. They recently won the Favourite Social Artist award at the American Music Awards. The band also gave a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York last month to launch the youth development initiative Generation Unlimited.

On Friday, Dee Kosh posted a video of himself on Twitter where he cried and complained about BTS fans bullying him.

“I don’t understand the hate that I’m getting for giving my opinion,” said Dee Kosh while wiping his tears in his video. “It was just my opinion. If you don’t like it, just move on! Why are you guys so toxic?”

Dee Kosh added, “They emailed my bosses on radio. What does my personal opinion have to do with my job?… Are you so vindictive that you go all the way to my job?… Screw all of you! You guys are bullies, you’re toxic.”

Dee Kosh later also said his Youtube channel did not exist any more, although it was not clear whether the video platform had removed it on complaints or he deleted his channel himself.

It’s not the first time the DJ has gotten into trouble with BTS fans – in April this year, he was slammed by ARMYs after criticising a girl he was interviewing for saying she was a K-pop fan when she only knew BTS songs.

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