'I don't get it!': Zack Snyder confused by wild reactions to his movies

Zack Snyder is puzzled by the extreme reactions to his films credit:Bang Showbiz
Zack Snyder is puzzled by the extreme reactions to his films credit:Bang Showbiz

Zack Snyder is baffled by the "overreactions" to his film work.

The 58-year-old director has released 'Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver' and thinks that the savage criticism that its predecessor got upon release last year sums up the extreme responses to his movies.

Zack told the Metro newspaper: "The reactions to my movies tend to really be these big... overreactions.

"Even just (with) 'Rebel Moon – Part One', I'm like, it's not that controversial of a movie.

"A lot of people have this crazy reaction to it. And I'm just like, 'I don't get it!' I'm not mad about it, but it just is what it is."

Zack acknowledges the comparisons between the 'Rebel Moon' films and 'Star Wars' but explained that the differences between the two franchises will become clear when his R-rated director's cut is released in the summer.

The 'Army of the Dead' helmer said: "You can't have spaceships landing and guys firing guns, without thinking, 'Oh, it's like ('Star Wars').

"The difference becomes a lot starker because of how adult those are. The director's cuts are the movie I wrote."

Snyder has previous with director's cuts after overseeing the 2021 reimagining of 'Justice League' and is doing so again with 'Rebel Moon' as audiences are unlikely to watch his uncut film.

He said: "Making a giant space movie, the economics say you can't really have an R-rated version because we need the biggest audience to see the movie – so this allows me to sit down and write a crazy movie that has no business existing."

The filmmaker has even hinted that more 'Rebel Moon' stories could be in the pipeline.

Zack said: "From a story standpoint, there's plenty more to do. We have a huge outline that takes us all the way to a battle maybe at (the planet) Moa at the end."