Dota 2: The best support heroes to grind MMR with in patch 7.32b

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Dota 2's 7.32 update featured several overhauls to the game.

Heroes take longer to level up, there is less passive gold on the map, a whole new season of Neutral Items was introduced, and the new Flagbearer Creeps now charge through the lanes.

No matter what year or Dota 2 patch it is, two things will always be true: the latest Battle Pass is the worst one ever released and people will find the best heroes to spam in order to grind MMR.

While there's nothing we can do to fix the Battle Pass, we have made a list of the three best supports to play in the current 7.32b patch to help players climb the MMR ladder.


Chen's strength comes from the flexible army he can build and the strong aura items in the game. (Photo: Valve Software)
Chen's strength comes from the flexible army he can build and the strong aura items in the game. (Photo: Valve Software)

The king of the jungle creeps received several nerfs in both the 7.32 update and the following 7.32b patch. Despite the several hits he got, Chen remains arguably the strongest support in the game.

There are a lot of things going on for Chen. The hero only needs a Headdress along with a level or two in Divine Fervor to win the lane for his carry. The extra 3.5 health regeneration during the laning stage is enough to sustain against almost all enemies.

Besides the high sustain the hero provides, Chen can also take control of neutral creeps in order to deal with any lane match-up.

Does the enemy have high physical damage? Then an Ogre Frostmage is perfect.

Wanna zone out the opposing offlaner? Get a Harpy Stormcrafter and spam Chain Lightning a few times.

Worried about the enemy using their mana to play aggressively? A Mana Burn or two from the Satyr Mindstealer will put a stop to that.

After the laning stage, Chen can start collecting creeps with powerful auras and push down towers with ease.

The way to play Chen has changed over the years, as the hero now focuses on providing his team with multiple useful auras instead of just four Centaur Conquerors with War Stomp (not that there's anything wrong with that either).

While Chen received several direct nerfs, the hero's item build got buffed to compensate.

Mekansm and Guardian Greaves are cheaper and heal more, respectively, while Vladmir's Offering and Wraith Pact provide more lifesteal as well.

Chen isn't the easiest hero to use, but he is well worth mastering, thanks to his swiss-army knife approach to the laning stage, strong pushing power, and the ability to bolster his allies.

Chen is currently in the Top 10 heroes with the best win rates this month at a solid 53% win rate.


The buffs to Decay have made Undying one of the strongest laners in Dota 2. (Photo: Valve Software)
The buffs to Decay have made Undying one of the strongest laners in Dota 2. (Photo: Valve Software)

If the thought of controlling multiple units sounds daunting, then how about an army of mindless zombies that don't need you to command them to attack?

Undying received some hefty buffs to Decay that have made the hero overpowered during the laning stage.

Decay doesn't modify a hero's health when expiring, which means Undying no longer loses 80 health when a stack of Decay expires and the enemy doesn't regain 80 health either.

This means every time Decay is used, Undying gains a 160 health advantage over his enemies.

Since most offlaners tend to be strength heroes, Undying also reduces their attack damage while hitting harder with every Decay cast.

Combine that with the bonus health and he becomes the strongest hero to play against in the laning stage, as long as he has enough mana to spam Decay.

Aside from the buffs to Decay, Undying is still the same old hero.

Tombstone is a fantastic teamfight spell and works great when fighting next to an objective or plopped on the nearest cliff. Soul Rip is a versatile ability to finish off weakened enemies, keep Tombstone alive, or heal allies, especially with a Holy Locket.

While Undying doesn't scale particularly well in the late game as a support, his overall durability with Flesh Golem allows him to waste a lot of his enemy's spells and damage to bring him down.

It's harder to ignore Undying in patch 7.32b, as Decay deals more damage and the level 20 talent halves its cooldown.

Undying is the perfect hero for people who like to destroy their enemies in the laning stage and proceed to tank all the damage coming out of their opponents.

The hero is simple to use, has a versatile kit, and transforms into one of the most durable supports in the game with his ultimate.


Omniknight is a durable support who provides great survivability to others. (Photo: Valve Software)
Omniknight is a durable support who provides great survivability to others. (Photo: Valve Software)

In almost every list of best supports to grind for MMR, Omniknight makes an appearance, and for good reason.

The hero is incredibly durable and provides his team with a strong Dispel along with an ultimate that nullifies the enemy's physical damage.

Despite the many strengths the hero has, Omniknight has been out of the competitive meta for a long time, so in patch 7.32, IceFrog decided to provide the hero with even more buffs.

Heavenly Grace now dispels both Omniknight and the target it is used on. This makes the spell more useful when facing area-of-effect spells such as Arcane Curse, Crystal Nova, Fire Spirits, and a whole lot more.

In previous patches, Omniknight would have to pick between removing negative effects on allies or himself and that is now no longer a concern.

But it's not only Heavenly Grace that received some love in the latest gameplay update.

Hammer of Purity costs significantly less mana at all levels, while doing more damage. Ever since the spell was added to his kit, Omniknight's laning stage dramatically improved, and with the buffs the spell got in 7.32, he will be a headache to play against for melee offlaners.

When it comes to the hero's item build, there really are no wrong options.

Players can opt for utility with Force Staff and Glimmer Cape, or go for more healing with Holy Locket and Mekansm, or just add more auras with Drums of Endurance and Vladmir's Offering.

Omniknight is flexible with his item build, allowing players to adapt to different playstyles and matchups.

A good laning stage, a strong dispel, high durability, and the ability to completely nullify physical damage are some of the many reasons why Omniknight has an excellent 55% win rate and is well worth mastering.

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