Downloadable checklist: 21 things to do for your first day on the job


Downloadable checklist: 21 things to do for your first day on the job


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The first day on a new job can be pretty daunting. Lots of new and important people to meet and impress, a new office environment to settle into, adapting to a whole new corporate culture, and so on. To help ease you into your first day, we’ve put together a simple yet detailed checklist with 21 things you should do for your first day on the job.

It should help allay your fears and act as a useful reminder to ensure you put your best foot forward on this important day. So make sure you download the checklist and save it to your mobile so you can check things off as you go along.


21 Things To Do For Your First Day on the Job



❏    Pick your outfit

❏    Plan your travel route to work

❏    Pack a notepad and pen, breath mints & a water bottle

❏    Curate your soundtrack (upbeat tunes are a must for your first day commute)

❏    Set your alarm clock half an hour earlier

❏    Get a good night’s rest




Before arriving at the office

❏    Have a wholesome breakfast

❏    Check your teeth – make sure you floss!

❏    Aim to arrive 10 minutes early

❏    Listen to upbeat tunes during your commute

❏    Take a few deep breaths before entering the office


At your new workplace

❏    Be confident but natural

❏    Introduce yourself to your new colleagues

❏    Listen, observe and learn

❏    When in doubt, ask

❏    Participate in conversations

❏    Contribute ideas and constructive comments

❏    Keep your expectations low

❏    Tackle your tasks with enthusiasm, even if it’s just boring admin work

❏    Be polite and friendly, but don’t be a doormat

❏    Have coffee with a couple of your new team members


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Here’s to a wonderful first day at your new job! We’re sure you’ll do great. For more fresh insights into career hacking and the latest employment trends, follow our Facebook page

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