Elaine Ng is now used to living on her own

14 Dec – TV and radio personality Elaine Ng recently assured that her relationship with daughter Etta is going on smoothly despite the previous issues concerning the latter's decision to quit school and the infamous burglary.

As reported on Mingpao, the former beauty queen who appeared at a charity event recently, said that she would not share with the media whether or not she has closed the burglary case, despite Etta confessing that she was the one who came home to pick up some things while her mother was away.

"I am not in contact with her right now, but we both know that we're safe and doing fine," said Elaine.

She also added that everybody should have to adapt to the situation, and that the whole issue has been unnecessarily dragged on for a long time.

"It has also been six months since she moved away. I am already used to it," said Elaine.

When asked if Etta will be home for Christmas, the former beauty queen said that she will just go with the flow rather than hoping for something that may turn out to be a disappointment.

"I'll just be happy going back to my single life. I used to hear old people talk about generational gap. I finally understand it," she said.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)