"The Election 2" may delay filming

"The Election 2" may delay filming

27 Jan – Rumours are rife that the sequel to HKTV's "The Election" may have to delay filming due to slow ratings.

Despite receiving a lot of praises for its production quality and storyline, the series may not begin filming its planned sequel in February or March, due to the meagre ratings of other shows.

Reportedly, HKTV's CEO Ricky Wong has been worried about the overall result of his shows. With the ratings of new drama "Once Upon a Song" falling to 17.3 percent after the airing of "To Be or Not To Be", Ricky felt that a lot of money have been spent with no profit coming in.

Therefore, the CEO decided to delay the filming of new series, which were originally planned to begin in February. This includes Liu Kai Chi and Angelica Lee's "The Election II".

The series' director, Wong Kwok Keung, also admitted that the ratings have not been ideal, as the online platform is not as convenient as television.

However, he will try his best to fit the sequel into his schedule despite ending his contract with HKTV in February.