Emily Ratajkowski reveals she was recently 'down to 100 pounds': 'When I’m really unwell, I lose so much weight'

Emily Ratajkowski talks about weight fluctuation with Mia Khalifa. (Photo: Getty Images)
Emily Ratajkowski talks about weight fluctuation with Mia Khalifa. (Photo: Getty Images)

Emily Ratajkowski got candid about experiencing drastic weight loss as a result of stress.

The 31-year-old model and actress brought it up in conversation with model Mia Khalifa during the latest episode of the podcast High Low with EmRata, in which Khalifa talked about how much her body fluctuates throughout the year.

"Every day is an uphill battle. I fluctuate like 40 pounds a year," Khalifa said about her own journey with her body. "It really depends on my schedule, what I’m doing, if I’m depressed ... I really give myself a lot of slack and I don’t beat myself up."

Khalifa went on to say that she often feels her "heaviest" when she's feeling low emotionally. Ratajkowski said that her mental state also impacts her body, citing her own recent weight loss.

"I think trauma lives in the body, that’s been my experience," Ratajkowski said. "I actually go the other way. When I’m really unwell, I lose so much weight. I was down to 100 pounds recently and it was really, really scary."

Ratajkowski has been open about the evolution of her body and her relationship to it, mainly through her book of essays titled My Body and on episodes of her new podcast. She recently told Yahoo Life that she had a "sick relationship" with her body in her early 20s. "I was commodifying my body and it was my living and also like, how I became famous, and it became my career and my whole identity," she said. "I didn't want to just be a body, I never had."

Still, through her pregnancy with her 1-year-old son Bear and her recent entrance into the dating pool after separating from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, Ratajkowski takes time to acknowledge the way that her body is impacted by change.

"Now I’ve gained weight and it’s like, for me, it’s a huge game-changer and it’s how I know I’m happy," she told her podcast audience.

Khalifa shared that she's discovered ways to not let the changes in her physique become overwhelming.

"It’s wearing things that make me feel sexy and make me feel comfortable," she said. "That’s what I’ve kind of found is how I get through that dysmorphia and not giving myself a hard time."

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