EU warns Trump on trade war, eyes peanut butter and whiskey tariffs

Damon WAKE
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    and the first countries to hit back at the US in protecting unfair trade are the US 'allies'
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    The whole world is getting so petty. Me, Me, Me!!!!!!!
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    No American whiskey. No French cognac. No American peanut butter. No Italian Nutella. No American Harley Davidson. No German BMW. No American blue jeans. No Spanish Zara, Prada, de la Renta.
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    The US is the largest economy in the world. It is also the biggest consumer of goods and services. Trump just wants to give the American producers some even playing field in their own market.
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    tariffs on steel and metals vs whisky, peanut butter and orange juice.....sounds like a deal to me
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    NO FREE TRADE. America First, Mr. President Trump. Tax the Steel and aluminum. America has been the underdog in trade because our last president Obama was stupid and his secretary of state Hillary was greedy and corrupt.
    America for Americans.
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    BoBos Nemesis
    Why should the U.S. subsidized EU when the EU does nothing at all in the World even their military uses the U.S. as their shield. Europe should start paying for its own!
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    This is all good. Free trade is a stupid idea.
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    The hell with the EU! Talk about Wanta be “DICTATOR’S”!!
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    Countries on the side of trade deficits will win the trade wars. Those idiotic morons making fat profits will cry when the facilities run on steam with borrowed money. Interest rate will sky rocket with QEs pulled out.