Everyone thought this adorable kitten was too ugly to be adopted - but they were wrong

A kitten who was rejected for adoption because people thought he was too ugly has finally found love in a new home.

Ginger cat Romeo was born with a deformity that meant his eyes were a little different to other felines.

But all he wanted was to love and be loved. But it was looking like no one was interested in adopting the rescue kitten.

However, all that changed when Spanish animal sanctuary Santuario Compasión Animal spotted Romeo - and they knew they had to offer him a home.

Deformity: Romeo is unique but no less adorable for it (Santuario Compasión Animal)

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They wrote on Facebook: “While we were headed to a rescue we dealt with the case of this kitten whose appearance was different from the other cats and that’s why the whole world rejected him.

"They told us that no one wanted him because he was ugly.

“But for us Romeo is not ugly, he’s a lovely little kitten who likes to play like the rest of the cats. And their differences make them special.”

Adorable Romeo, who loves nothing more than cuddles and attention, is now happy in his new home.

Top pic: Santuario Compasión Animal