Ex-PKR leader launches anti-Anwar campaign after sacking

Emmanuel Santa Maria Chin
P. Ganapathy holds placards with the slogan ‘ABAI — Asalkan Bukan Anwar Ibrahim’ during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur July 19, 2019. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, July 19 — A disgruntled ex-PKR leader today vowed to campaign against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership, after the former was sacked from the party.

P. Ganapathy, who was sacked from the party this week, said the “Asalkan bukan Anwar Ibrahim” slogan he created was aimed at showing how unsuited Anwar was for the role of prime minister.

Ganapathy accused Anwar of practising cronyism, nepotism, and favouritism within the party.

“Even though Anwar is the source of inspiration for PKR’s battle since its formation, I regret to inform that recently, I feel that he is actually not qualified to lead PKR, what more becoming the prime minister of Malaysia, as proclaimed by his loyalists.

“This is in conflict with the core battle of PKR which is to scrape off elements of cronyism and nepotism, where leaders of a party should actually be exhibiting an attitude that practices meritocracy in appointments.

“Looks like meritocracy has been neglected,” Ganapathy said during a press conference today.

Ganapathy said other examples of bad leadership from Anwar included how the latter failed to address the divided factions within his party, driving them further apart by appointing close allies and loyalists into positions of power within PKR.

He said Anwar’s failure to handle problems even at the party level showed that he was incapable of handling bigger issues.

Ganapathy also lamented the fact that Anwar had failed to respond to multiple personal appeal letters of the former in attempting to claim funds already used for party purposes and to purchase office equipment.

On his sacking, Ganapathy revealed that he only found out about it from the news, but later received an official letter dated July 16 from the party on Thursday evening.

“But the letter did not state any reason for my sacking, so I will try and find out the real reason,” he added.

This is following the PKR board’s decision to sack Ganapathy on Wednesday.

Ganapathy was said to have broken the party’s code of ethics by repeatedly posting and sharing untrue, defamatory and malicious statements against his leaders on social media.

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