Ex-security guard who sexually assaulted drunk man in Suntec City toilet jailed, caned

Wan Ting Koh
Low Chih Kin, 35, was traced through footage from the Suntec City mall’s CCTV cameras, which had captured his movements.. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

While on his way to masturbate in a toilet after watching gay pornography during his shift, a security guard at Suntec City spotted an inebriated man lying on the toilet floor.

Instead of helping the drunk man, Low Chih Kin, 35, became aroused and decided to perform sexual acts on him.

On Wednesday (21 November), Low was sentenced to six years’ jail and three strokes of the cane after he pleaded guilty to one count of sexually assaulting the 36-year-old victim. Two counts of molesting the man were taken into consideration for his sentencing.

The victim cannot be named due to a court-imposed gag order.

Watching pornography on duty

The court heard that Low was employed as a security guard in April last year. Less than a month into his job, he began watching gay pornography on alternate nights during his shift.

Afterwards, Low would then usually head to the toilet to masturbate.

On 5 May last year, the victim – who works in an asset management company – attended a work event at a hotel where he consumed alcohol.

He later headed to the Balaclava bar at Suntec City with his colleagues to continue drinking after informing his wife of his plans via text message.

As the group drank at the bar, the man left to use the toilet without informing his friends. He entered a toilet on the first floor of Suntec City Tower One at around 12.50am and later ended up lying motionless on the toilet floor.

By about 2.45am on 6 May, the man’s wife became worried as her husband had not returned home. She called his mobile phone multiple times but did not receive a response.

At about 3am, Low headed to the toilet where he spotted the victim sprawled on the floor. Low then decided to satisfy his sexual urges.

He repositioned the man before removing the latter’s pants and underwear before sexually assaulting him. The man, who was conscious at times, recalled feeling the assault but was unable to fend off his assailant.

Amid the act, it dawned on Low that the police would be able to track him down through the DNA he left on the man. When the man stirred, Low panicked and left the toilet. He then went to a handicapped toilet on another floor to masturbate.

The assault transpired within seven minutes from the time Low first found the victim.

Victim found by wife

Several minutes after Low left the victim, the man picked up a call from his wife and asked for help, though he was unable to specify his location. His wife then travelled to Suntec City and managed to find her husband with the help of the mall’s other security guards.

She noticed her husband lying on the floor with vomit stains on his arm. She also noticed that his jeans were loosened and that his underwear was partly exposed.

The man told his wife that he had been sexually assaulted and she then called the police. Low was traced through footage from the mall’s CCTV cameras, which had captured his movements.

Accused’s first brush with the law

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Eunice Lau sought six years’ jail and three strokes of the cane for Low, whom she said had “brazenly embarked” on the sexual assault after stumbling upon the intoxicated victim.

She said the assault was aggravating as the man was vulnerable due to his intoxicated state. The victim was also exposed to the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and had to endure tests before being cleared of them, said the DPP.

Low’s lawyer Diana Ngiam agreed with the prosecution’s proposed sentence. She said Low was sorry for his offence and that it was first and final brush with the law.

She submitted an undisclosed psychiatric report to the court, which will be considered when Low’s suitability for caning is assessed by the Singapore Prison Service.

For the offence, Low could have been jailed up to 20 years, with fine or caning.

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