Fans divided in debate over Cantopop star Sammi Cheng after glimpse of husband Andy Hui in selfie

Sylvia Looi
Fans were divided when Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng's selfies showed a glimpse of husband Andy Hui in the background. — Courtesy of Instagram/ sammi_chengsauman

KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — A simple selfie has sparked a debate among fans of Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng who remain divided over her husband Andy Hui three months after his cheating controversy.

Cheng had on Sunday uploaded three selfies, one with Hui in the background, with the caption noting that it was her third performance and that she was going all out.

Some fans were obviously not amused at the sight of Hui.

One fan said: “We respect your decision, but your fans do not want to see him. You should not allow yourself to be used. The focus of the concert is you and not those beside you.”

There were also those who felt since Cheng had chosen to forgive Hui, others should not be too opinionated.

Some offered messages of support including, “Seeing On Zhai (Hui's nickname) been accompanying you a lot lately, everyone is very happy,” “Forever support what you think is right, wish you two forever happy,” and “You are truly our idol as you have made us realise the real meaning of marriage.”

Many left comments that Hui attended Cheng's concert every night as he wanted to be seen and that true fans of Cheng would not forgive him.

Some fans were more extreme in their remarks and said Cheng should not have taken pictures showing Hui.

“If someone is using my idol to make a comeback, I will not hesitate to take action,” China Daily quoted a fan's post.

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