Temasek Polytechnic investigating fight in lecture theatre

A screenshot of the fight that reportedly occurred in a Temasek Polytechnic lecture theatre.

A fight between two students broke out in a lecture theatre full of students at Temasek Polytechnic (TP).

A video of the incident has been making its rounds on social media since Wednesday (18 April). The school has since told the three students involved in the fight to assist in its investigations into the matter.

A student who claimed to be from TP posted in a Reddit thread about the incident, saying that one of the students involved – who was wearing a yellow and black striped T-shirt – had been disrupting lectures for the past two days. He turned aggressive when confronted by another student in a red tank top. According to the student who posted an account of the incident, the student in red had insulted the other student’s educational background.

In the video onlookers were also heard laughing and cheering at the two students’ retorts. The student who recounted the incident on Reddit also said that security staff were called in over the incident.

According to a TP spokesperson, “A scuffle broke out involving three first year students, after one of them created a disturbance in the lecture theatre at about 11am yesterday. Staff who were present intervened and eventually calmed the students down. No one was injured.

“All three students have been instructed to make themselves available to assist with the investigation. In addition to being counselled, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken where necessary.”

The school will also speak to the students in the lecture theatre who witnessed the incident, added the spokesperson.

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