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Filipino British singer beabadoobee’s makeup look is trending on TikTok, and it’s a major win for Asian women

Since blowing up on TikTok with her single “coffee,” 22-year-old Beatrice Kristi Laus, better known professionally as beabadoobee, has enjoyed a steady climb to the spotlight. With a combined 4.4 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, the Filipino British singer-songwriter’s bedroom pop and indie rock stylings, and overall persona, have continued to amass a plethora of fans.

Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images
Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images

Lullaby-like vocals and heavily aughts-inspired wardrobe aside, there’s one aspect of Bea’s aesthetic that seems to have fans in a chokehold — and that’s her distinctive makeup look.

Be it a magazine spread, an Instagram selfie, or a TikTok video, beabadoobee’s always seen sporting the same smudged, lived-in smokey eye with her signature faux freckles and plump pout.

“I am full Filipino and in the Philippines, they have these whitening products,” Bea told Vogue. “And back then, it was just so engrained in, like, our mentality. Every time we used to go to the Philippines, they’d be like, ‘Don’t tan! Don’t tan!’ and I was like, ‘But I wanna get tanned.’ But I guess through time and, like, meeting my friends, and growing up and maturing, and finding hobbies that made me, like, confident… I’ve just grown more confident with my skin and how I look.”

“I really struggled with my eyes, how, like, how I felt about them,” she adds.

Now, beabadoobee, who is currently on tour with Taylor Swift for The Eras Tour, has inspired fans to try out her signature makeup — and what’s particularly inspiring is that Asian women on TikTok seem to be gravitating to, and loving, the look on themselves.

Filipino Chinese creator Yhanna (@strrwbbi3s_) shared her take on beabadoobee’s makeup.

“istg this makeup looks so pretty on EVERYONE bea cracked the code”

Yhanna’s video has garnered a ton of praise from other TikTokers.

“It suits so many ppl omg,” one user wrote.

“this style looks soooo good on u,” another replied.

“istg this makeup looks so pretty on EVERYONE bea cracked the code,” someone commented.

PIAO (@omgitspilo) recently recreated Bea’s makeup and urged other Asian women to try it out too.

“I love this #beabadoobee inspired #makeup !!!! All asian girls need to try!” she wrote.

Angeline Liu (@angelineliu8) also embraced beabadoobee’s signature look.


“u r perfect,” someone replied.

“IT LOOKS SO GOOD ON U,” another wrote.

By their very nature, TikTok trends are known to be fleeting — they’re inescapable from one moment until another takes over. The recreations of beabadoobee’s signature makeup, however, seem to hold more weight than that. Creators on TikTok, especially Asian creators, are feeling compelled to try this makeup trend because they’re seeing it being done on people that look like them — and they’re actually liking the results.

Self-acceptance in a society that, in many respects, still reinforces Eurocentric beauty standards, is a complicated and emotionally draining subject to parse through, but the popularity of beabadoobee’s makeup, while seemingly minute, feels like a step in the right direction.

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