Film trailer: Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna in 'Battleship'

'Battleship' has swept all before it in South Korean cinemas over the past two weeks

The third trailer for Battleship was released March 13, giving a more comprehensive look at the sci-fi thriller adapted from the naval battle board game.

The footage opens with an alien captured aboard a battleship at sea, setting a force of untold destruction against earth by spaceships that rise up from the ocean's depths.

As the weaponry attacks ships and cities in what looks like "earth's extinction event," the Navy lines up to take on the Goliath in an impossible feat.

Directed by Peter Berg (Hancock), the epic film costars Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Liam Neeson (Clash of the Titans), Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) and singer Rihanna.

Battleship opens April 11-13 in Europe, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, followed on April 19-20 in Russia, Thailand, India and Turkey, then on May 10-11 in South America and North America on May 18.