SocialTwist's New Social Content Aggregation Solution Maximizes Content Marketing Investment

Social Aggregation Allows Brands to Repurpose Content, Boost Engagement, and Extend Content Reach

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 11, 2015) - SocialTwist, Inc., a leading social marketing technology provider that drives social referral programs for over 50 of the Fortune 500 brands, today announced a new addition to its customer engagement platform with the introduction of a Social Content Aggregation solution. The new solution is specifically designed to help companies realize the return on their content marketing investments with the ability to repurpose social content, boost user engagement, and extend content reach.

"Companies can no longer just publish content and expect results," said Vivek Lakshman, Vice President of products, SocialTwist. "It's critical to find new ways to increase content longevity and heighten consumer engagement. Brands must also find new ways to repurpose and extend the reach of their social content beyond social media platforms, to effectively achieve a satisfactory return on their content marketing investments."

Social Content Aggregation enables companies to pull together all of their content from social media platforms, including blogs and user-generated content (UGC), into a "social wall" and repurpose it on multiple sites to increase consumer engagement. It allows them to control what content is distributed where, and position important content where potential customers will see it. It also helps to continuously provide fresh content to multiple audiences without the additional work of, for example, embedding a dynamic social wall into an existing website.

Key features of SocialTwist's Aggregation solution include:

  • Interactive interface: Empowers users to perform native social media actions (e.g., Facebook comment) without leaving the social wall

  • Flexibility: Displays any combination of brand and user-generated content from major social channels, as well as third-party campaign content seamlessly across various device types

  • Customization: Creates social walls that fit with your brand's look and feel; translate wall actions into any language so they look native to your site

  • Engagement campaigns: Embed campaigns and offers into the social wall; create rewards to increase loyalty

  • SEO optimization: Makes social wall content available for indexing by search engines

"By enabling greater engagement in campaigns and content, users of SocialTwist's Social Content Aggregation solution have the ability to learn much more about consumers in order to help personalize their experience," said Vijay Pullur, CEO of SocialTwist. "The new solution also uses moderation and pinning to help ensure that important content doesn't drown in the media stream."

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