Fire and Rescue Dept discovers a fly, in responding to a deadly animal call

R. Loheswar
The Fire and Rescue Department found a green bottle fly stuck in a cupboard instead of a wild animal. — Picture via Twitter/Friends of 999 Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 15 — Members of the Fire and Rescue Department in Alor Setar were called to an area near Anak Bukit to get rid of a deadly animal. What they found was a green bottle fly stuck in a cupboard instead.

The fly’s buzzing was thought to belong to a snake, or worse when the distress call was made to the department seeking for help.

All contingency plans were taken in order to nab the unusual suspect. In the end, it turned out to be the division’s first-ever case of catching a fly.

“Our team received a call regarding a strange and suspicious sound coming from inside a cupboard which could belong to an animal,” deputy director of the Kedah Fire and Rescue Department, Sayani Saidon, told Harian Metro.

“Upon inspection, we discovered it was a green bottle fly and not a snake as suggested by the caller.”

Sayani said they received the distress call at around 6.03pm and despite it being strange in nature her department still went to the scene to administer help and the matter was sorted out by 9.19 pm.

She did, however, urge the public to be careful when making emergency calls as if there was a real emergency going on elsewhere, the department personnel would most likely be late to the scene as they aren’t many teams per district.

“I urge everyone to please try to identify what sort of animal is in your premises before making the call for help. If there are cases of fire, drowning or accidents our team would be late to the scene if we receive calls like this fly one today,” said Sayani.

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