How to fix some technical problems in Amazon's New World

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If only all technical problems could be resolved like this... (Screenshot: Amazon Game Studios)
If only all technical problems could be resolved like this... (Screenshot: Amazon Game Studios)

Amazon’s New World is still raking in more players as the days go by, because at its core, it is a game that has a very engaging and in-depth system that will attract casual and hardcore MMO fans alike.

But, like any other game, there are a few technical mishaps that are present that may frustrate any player.

I previously wrote about how to prevent your GPU from frying in New World, but besides that, there are a whole other slew of technical problems that I've faced while playing Amazon Game Studios’s latest MMO.

Here is how I fixed these problems for myself, hopefully this will help you enjoy your time in Aeternum with a little less frustration.

1. Unable to establish connection to server

This happened to me while I was queuing to enter into the server. When you play the game, you'll be met with a queue to enter the region that you are playing in (lucky you if you don’t have a queue).

This “unable to establish connection to server” message usually pops up at the end of the queue (yes, if you’ve waited for an hour in queue before being able to enter the game, and this pops up, you are out of luck). You can see why this will frustrate many players.

I fixed this by just restarting my router and computer before entering the game.

Since I started restarting the router before entering a game session, I haven't experienced this particular issue. However, I'd still run into the same problem occasionally if I don’t constantly restart the router used to play the game. It's annoying, but at least my router isn't getting damaged from power spikes...

2. Game freezing and crashes

There were occasions during my play time that New World would just randomly freeze, and I had to restart the game for it to work again. Funnily enough, the in-game audio was still playing for me, but my game totally froze in place.

While researching my previous article regarding New World and GPUs, I found that reducing the power draw on the card solved this problem. I also limited my in-game fps so the game doesn’t tax the GPU when it doesn’t need to

My advice is to reduce your GPU’s power limit and clocks so that the game doesn’t send your graphics card into overdrive while running the game. Ever since I downclocked my GPU, crashes have been non-existent and the game runs extremely smoothly.

3. Missing icons and quests

This happens occasionally in-game — quest markers and descriptions will disappear, and you will find yourself running around like a headless chicken trying to finish your quests.

Well, fortunately, there is a solution. But you will probably not like it.

You have to restart your game when this happens. There is no other way. I have tried numerous ways to get them to appear again without exiting the game, but I haven’t found any.

Tough luck if you have to join the queue again.

4. Getting stuck in respawning ore rocks and hard to reach places

There are moments in New World that require your luck to be extremely bad for certain things to happen.

One of them is getting stuck in place because a mining ore rock respawned just as you walked over its spawn point.

There are also places in the game like ravines that you can’t get out of by climbing.

I have no idea why they are there, but if you find yourself at the bottom of a ravine with nowhere else to go, at least the game gives you an option to remedy this.

To get out of these situations, there is an “Unstuck” option in the main menu. This will teleport your character out of these ridiculous situations and put you on a different part of the map that is within the vicinity.

However, do note that sometimes the game will teleport you to another area that you may be equally stuck in, so your only option is to wait for the Unstuck option to cool down. It has a 120-second/2-minute cooldown) before you can teleport yourself out of that situation (again).

That's it for now, but I'll be adding to this list if more things come out. Happy adventuring!

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