At flooded restaurant near Bangkok, the special is a splash

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At flooded restaurant near Bangkok, the special is a splash
At flooded restaurant near Bangkok, the special is a splash

After fun-loving foodies began flocking to its soggy deck to eat amid the lapping tide, a flooded riverside restaurant in Thailand has become an odd eating attraction.

Instead of empty seats and tables, the Chaopraya Antique Café is as busy as ever, offering “hot-pot surfing,” as the astute proprietor describes it.

This is the place to go if you want your cuisine washed down with plenty of water.

The first diners arrive shortly after the water reaches the top of the parapet. Soon, the deck is packed with carefree patrons enthusiastically tucking in as if dining in a downpour is usual.

The flooded restaurant, which is located in Nonthaburi, Thailand, near Bangkok, opened in February in a riverfront site that complements the restaurant’s historic architecture and décor wonderfully.

However, the river’s water level rises by a recent strong tropical storm and heavy monsoon rainfall. When you factor in the tides, you get daily flooding.

“hot-pot surfing”

flooded restaurant
flooded restaurant

It could have been disastrous coming so soon after a months-long coronavirus shutdown. Instead, it has become so popular as a result of notoriety in Thai media that clients must make reservations.

“This is a great atmosphere. During this flood crisis, this has become the restaurant’s signature attraction. So I wanted to challenge myself and try out this new experience,” 24-year-old Siripoj Wai-inta said as he munched his food with the water creeping up his shins.

The experience is famous as “hot-pot surfing” by the proprietor. You find out why when a passenger boat passes by. Everyone anticipates the joyful scramble to avoid getting soggy by the wave and with one passing every 15 minutes, no one is ever upset.

Titiporn Jutimanon, a TV host, is opening his first restaurant. He was concerned about what might happen if the waters hit.

“It turns out the customers have a great reaction. They are happy. We can see the atmosphere of customers enjoying the experience of eating in the water. So a crisis has turned into an opportunity. It encourages us to keep the restaurant open and keep customers happy.”

The best part, he claims, is that it allows him to keep his employees happy by keeping them employed. So, even in these trying times, the only thing that needs assistance is the restaurant itself.

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