Flyfit: a fitness tracker for your ankle

Flyfit is a wearable fitness tracker than straps to your ankle to measure leg movements while you run, cycle or swim. The product is getting buzz on crowdfunding site Kickstarter and will receive funding if it makes its May 2014 deadline.

The tracker features an advanced module that collects real-time data from all activities performed throughout the day. As with similar devices, it is designed to improve athletic/fitness performance, providing results via its corresponding app.

The waterproof band is made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), making it both lightweight and comfortable to wear. Its creators note that a few finger taps provide real-time data for workouts and other daily activities.

Tracking functions include activities such as walking, running, biking, "stair" fitness and leg strokes when swimming. It also tracks how many hours you slept each night, and sleep quality. Flyfit offers wireless synching to smartphones via Bluetooth technology.

The device differentiates itself from other fitness bands in that it's worn around the ankle instead of the wrist, allowing it to easily measure leg movement. The folks at Flyfit note that wrist trackers aren't capable of detecting movement while biking, swimming or climbing stairs; rather they focus on vibration for wrist position only.

The band was also designed with cycling in mind, as its motion-sensor technology allows it to "capture accurate pedal tracking" and offer real-time results through its app, including how far and how fast you were going.

Flyfit will be available in a variety of colors and compatible with iOS and Android 4.4. Its app interface is still under development. Flyfit is a great example of "niche" wearable fitness devices, with other options including Lumo Lift and PUSH among numerous others. Lumo Lift clips to the user's shirt to help improve posture, while PUSH was designed for weight-lifters and measures force, velocity and power when lifting.

Hailed as sleek and functional, Flyfit stands an excellent chance of making its crowdfunding deadline.