Footballing Weekly: Jaw-dropping World Cup final ends Messi debate

Argentina star Lionel Messi celebrates winning the World Cup.
Argentina star Lionel Messi celebrates winning the World Cup. (PHOTO: Reuters/Hannah Mckay) (Hannah Mckay / reuters)

SINGAPORE — Are your jaws off the floor yet?

Many football fans around the world are still raving about that jaw-dropping finale to the 2022 World Cup on Sunday (18 December) - a gripping final encounter between two sides who refused to give up and give in, serving up a rollercoaster of emotions and thrills before Argentina finally prevailed in the penalties against France.

To many, it was the greatest World Cup final in history - and there are plenty of strong supporting evidence for them to stake the claim.

Certainly it was the greatest final of this century - in fact, one has to go as far back as Mexico 1986 to find another final with so much drama and rip-roaring action.

But could it match up with Mexico 1970 - a watershed moment in football history where so much was at stake? Or England 1966 - where drama ebbed and flowed until the very last kick in extra time?

While there is plenty of debate of this, another debate might just be laid to rest: Lionel Messi has sealed his spot as the greatest player of this modern football generation by winning the World Cup at long last.

The Argentinian maestro had been playing like a man on a mission all month long in Qatar - scoring vital goals, putting away high-pressure penalties and creating countless opportunities for his grateful teammates.

Winning the World Cup - the title he treasures most - also puts on the pantheon of the greatest of all time, with two other Cup-winners: Pele and Diego Maradona.

If you want, you can continue to argue on which of the trio is the greatest. But let's also celebrate the fact that all of us fans were able to enjoy these three stunning footballers in our lifetime.

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