Foreign workers will gain more from M'sia minimum wage policy

Mohd Farhaan Shah in Muar/The Star

Muar (The Star/ANN) - The Malaysian-Chinese Association (MCA) said foreign workers stand to gain more than local workers with the implementation of the minimum wage policy.

"We deem this unfair," said MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek.

"Foreign workers will not only get 900 ringgit (US$292) as part of the minimum wage but also receive from their employers transport allowance, housing allowance and food allowance.

"This would make their salary higher than that of local workers," he said at the Bakri MCA Chinese New Year open house at SJK(C) Pu Nan in Bakri, near Muar, yesterday.

During the event, representatives of the Muar Furniture Association discussed with him the problems they faced due to the minimum wage policy.

Chua said MCA would not stop any organisation or association demonstrating against the policy, adding that many organisations were running out of patience over the matter as they felt it was unfair for both employers and local workers.

He urged the government and the Human Resource Minister to study the possible ill-effects of the policy.

In his speech, Chua urged Malaysians to reject the opposition when the general election comes around.

He said the Democratic Action Party was trying to convince voters, especially the Chinese, that voting for Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) would create a better future for the country.

"Under the leadership of the Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, the country's economy has improved tremendously, which shows that his transformation programmes are working.

"If PAS president Hadi Awang becomes prime minister, then our country's future will be bleak and could lead us to financial disaster," he said.