Foundation Of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Complete; Temple Trust Releases Images

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The Ram Mandir Temple trust on Thursday revealed the first look of the temple under construction.

Confirming that the foundation of the grand temple is now complete, the trust, which for the first time showcased the site to the media, said the foundation of the ‘bhavya divya‘ mandir has been filled with the 48th and final layer of roller-compacted concrete.

These 48 layers have been filled in a total stretch of ​​11,000 cubic metres as reported. As explained by the general secretary of Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, Champat Rai, the first phase has been completed and another layer made up of granite from Karnataka and sandstone from Mirzapur will be set up on top of this concrete base.

He also said that one lakh cubic feet of carved slabs of stone from Rajasthan’s Bansi Paharpur are ready for the next stage of construction, as quoted.

As per reports, this foundation involved a 50 feet deep pit that was excavated and filled with layers of compacted cement among others each measuring 12 inches. “A raft will be built on top of this foundation which will be topped by a plinth made of about 4 lakh cubic feet of pink stone from Mirzapur”, said Ram Mandir trust member Anil Misha, as reported.

The next phase of work is expected to be completed in the next two months, while the third phase may take upto three to four months. The temple‘s sanctum santorum meanwhile is expected to be completed with Ram Lalla seated inside and open to pilgrims by December 2023.

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