Frankie Gao makes public appearance

Frankie Gao makes public appearance

5 Mar – For the first time since his last chemotherapy in February, Taiwanese singer Frankie Gao finally decided to make a public appearance at a cinema recently.

Groove Asia website reported that the veteran singer, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2012, had been hospitalised to undergo chemotherapy. However, Frankie decided to discontinue his treatment last month and has been staying out of the public eye ever since.

On 3 March, the singer was spotted going out to the cinema with his daughter and son. Despite his need of assistance to leave the car, the singer looked energetic all day and showed no signs of illness.

Asked if the outside world would affect his condition, he light-heartedly replied, "That is why I'm covering my mouth with two masks!'

He continued, "I have been relying on anti-oxidant food to strengthen my immune system. I felt like I'm recovering faster when I returned home from the hospital."

However, Frankie admitted that he has yet to return to the hospital for further medical checkups.

Asked about his outside activities, Frankie joyfully answered, "My daughter would accompany me to watch a movie every week, and I feel very happy. Staying happy helps me recover faster. Life is like a gamble, it's either you choose to stay at home or stay in the hospital for chemotherapy sessions. But I chose to stay at home."

Meanwhile, when asked about his ex-wife Jin You Zhuang's claim that Frankie lost a huge sum of money from investments and had used her property for mortgage, Frankie said, "I don't owe anyone money."