'Another fine mess': Front pages savage government over A-levels U-turn

The UK press has savaged the government over its U-turn on the A-levels crisis, calling the situation “another fine mess”.

Boris Johnson confirmed on Monday that A-level and GCSE students will have their grades based on teachers' assessments rather than the controversial algorithm.

The government's U-turn comes after exams watchdog Ofqual revealed that nearly two in five A-level grades in England were reduced from teachers' predictions.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson apologised to all young people affected by the A-levels crisis on Tuesday.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Williamson said: "I'd like to just start off by apologising, saying sorry to all those young people who have been affected by this.

"This is something that, firstly, none of us wanted to see and none of us expected to see."

He added that it had become apparent that there were "too many young people that quite simply hadn't got the grade that they truly deserved".

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