GE2020: Don't be taken in by those saying it's important just to have more choices – PM Lee

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People's Action Party (PAP) secretary-general Lee Hsien Loong speaking during the lunchtime rally on Monday (6 July). (Photo: PAP)
People's Action Party (PAP) secretary-general Lee Hsien Loong speaking during the lunchtime rally on Monday (6 July). (Photo: PAP)

SINGAPORE — People’s Action Party (PAP) secretary-general Lee Hsien Loong on Monday (6 July) urged Singaporeans not to be “taken for a ride” by opposition politicians who say that “it is important just to have more choices”.

Speaking at an online lunchtime rally that went live on Facebook and YouTube, Prime Minister Lee said, “The opposition says they are offering Singaporeans insurance in case you need it.

“Don’t buy insurance from someone on a promise, especially when you have reason to suspect this company cannot pay out on the insurance, and their cheques will bounce.”

‘Strongest possible team’

During the half-hour speech just four days ahead of polling on Friday (10 July), Lee said he had worked hard to field the strongest possible team for the election.

“It is an experienced team. It includes capable ministers, whom I rely on to get things done, and to take care of Singaporeans in this crisis. And seasoned, energetic MPs who will look after you in every constituency, speak up for you in Parliament and make sure the PAP government is focussed on your needs and aspirations.”

The PAP’s candidates are reinforced with a younger generation of promising leaders from varied backgrounds who will bring new ideas and perspectives, Lee added. “I hope the younger, first-time voters will identify with them and see them as candidates who will represent their views and will advance their interests.”

‘Don’t confuse signals’

Lee also urged voters not to send mixed signals by voting for the opposition. “If you think we have delivered, and made your life better, please vote for us; If you think we have not, then by all means vote us out. But do not confuse signals by voting opposition if what you really want is a PAP MP to look after your constituency and town council, and a PAP Government to look after Singapore,” he said.

Noting that the PAP has walked the talk by delivering on its promises over the six decades since forming the government in 1959, Lee said the party first came to power because it “represented the national consensus and our people’s collective hopes for their future”.

This remains true today, he said, with the party reaching out broadly to the population and its policies having “improved people’s lives beyond measure”. The PAP has also maintained trust with the people and renewed its leadership in sync with people’s aspirations.

‘Don’t undermine the system’

Urging voters to look elsewhere around the world where governments change regularly, Lee said, “Do not undermine a system that has served you well.”

Countries that undergo frequent changes of government have had their political consensus frayed, he noted. “After a government falls, what follows isn’t a new, more stable equilibrium, but more frequent changes of governments and divisive politicking.

“People appear to have a choice, but often the more things change, the more they remain the same. These countries have not done better than Singapore,” he added.

“So I ask Singaporeans: don’t be taken in by those who say that it’s important just to have more choices. Look carefully at the choices they offer you. Ask yourself if they can deliver. Don’t be taken for a ride, your future is at stake.”

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