Genshin Impact's 2nd anniversary rewards - Will fallen Qiqi return?

Genshin Impact players spent a whopping US$530 million on the game in the first quarter of 2022. (Photo: HoYoverse)
Genshin Impact players spent a whopping US$530 million on the game in the first quarter of 2022. (Photo: HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact will soon be celebrating its second-year anniversary!

Coinciding with the launch of version 3.1, developer HoYoverse has revealed that players will be receiving rewards through a log-in event as well as the in-game mail to celebrate the game reaching its second year.

Genshin Impact's second-year anniversary rewards amount to 10 Intertwined Fates, 1,600 Primogems, four Fragile Resin, Mora, and Enhancement Materials.

A commemorative gadget and pet will also be given out to players. These are the Jumpty Dumpty Party Popper, a party popper based on Klee's Jumpty Dumpty, and Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Device, a pet that looks very similar to the Adeptus Cloud Retainer.

In addition, the Genesis Crystals top-up packs in the in-game store will also get their first purchase bonuses reset, meaning players will get double the amount of Genesis Crystals per pack upon purchase.

(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

Has HoYoverse learnt from 2021?

It should be noted that Genshin Impact's second-year anniversary rewards are similar to what players received during the game's first anniversary, save for the new gadget and pet.

Genshin Impact's first anniversary was, simply put, disappointing.

Many players felt there was a lack of excitement and fanfare to celebrate the game's first year, as HoYoverse chose to celebrate the anniversary through raffles, contests, web events, and the log-in event.

Fans were mostly disgruntled by the in-game rewards they received, which amounted to 10 Interwined Fates and some Enhancement Materials.

Many players, especially those coming from other gacha games, were disappointed with the small amount of freebies they received when compared to other gachas after a very successful first year for Genshin Impact.

Some fans even expressed their disappointment through a massive review-bomb of Genshin Impact in the app store, which dropped the game's rating from a stellar 4.8 to a low 2.8.

The review-bombing even made its way to other HoYoverse games like Tears of Themis and Honkai Impact 3rd. But it didn’t stop there.

Gachas from other developers like Arknights and Cookie Run also received review bombs from dissatisfied Genshin players, and even totally unrelated apps like Google Classroom were not safe.

This put pressure on HoYoverse to placate the Genshin Impact community, resorting to in-game mail rewards that gave away 1,600 Primogems, the 'Resonant Melody' Serenitea Pot furnishing, and the 'Wings of Shimmering Galaxy' wind glider.

It is worth noting that the furnishing and wind glider were originally made available for purchase as part of a celebratory pack for the anniversary.

This fiasco also gave birth to the infamous 'Fallen Qiqi' meme, based on a sticker on the official Genshin Impact Discord server that depicted the 5-star character Qiqi lying down on the ground and looking crestfallen.

Fallen Qiqi has become synonymous with Genshin Impact’s first anniversary, even spawning some incredible fanart from the game's community.

And although the rewards aren’t any different this time around, it seems HoYoverse has learned their lesson for Genshin Impact's second anniversary.

The developers made sure to announce the list of rewards players will receive — even if they are essentially the same as last year's — and included heartwarming messages from the game's English voice actors in the version 3.1 preview livestream.

There are also future web events, fan art contests, another concert, and other celebrations for players to look forward to in the second-year anniversary as well.

Personally, I think the in-game rewards for this year's anniversary are okay.

It could be better, of course, but I don't think this should cause another fiasco.

Players have the right to be disappointed, but I hope they leave other games out of whatever they want to do to express such disappointment.

What are your thoughts on Genshin Impact’s second anniversary? Will we see the return of Fallen Qiqi?

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