Genshin Impact: Klee is here again! Here are her best weapons, artifacts, and teams

Don't be fooled by Klee's ultra-cuteness. Given the right build and team compositions, Klee will bomb enemies to smithereens and cutely laugh about it. Here's why you should pull for this adorable 5-star Pyro DPS. (Photos: HoYoverse)
Don't be fooled by Klee's ultra-cuteness. Given the right build and team compositions, Klee will bomb enemies to smithereens and cutely laugh about it. Here's why you should pull for this adorable 5-star Pyro DPS. (Photos: HoYoverse)

She’s tiny. She’s adorable. She bombs lakes to fish because she thinks it’s fun.

The lovable Spark Knight returns! Featured in a double banner with Kaedehara Kazuha, the adorable, bomb-throwing Klee is finally back for her third rerun in the first half of Genshin Impact version 2.8!

We all know that Kazuha is a must-pull, but if you’re looking for a hard-hitting DPS that’s ultra-cute and fun to play, then why not tap into your Primogem pool and pull for the lovable Klee?

Boom boom bakudan your enemies!

Besides being the youngest official Knight of Favonius, Klee is a Pyro catalyst user who can also be a formidable damage dealer with the right build and support team.

Klee shines best with a team that can cater to Pyro-induced elemental reactions, such as Melt or Vaporize. Utilizing these reactions can double or even triple your raw damage, and since Klee ascends with Pyro damage bonus, you can easily enjoy seeing your enemies disintegrate after she’s done throwing her cute bombs.

Klee’s Elemental Skill, Jumpty Dumpty, lets her throw a bomb that can deal area-of-effect Pyro damage for each of the three times it bounces. After it lands, it splits into little mines that can explode once enemies make contact, or after a short duration of time.

Jumpty Dumpty has two charges, so aside from being able to constantly apply Pyro with her Normal Attacks, Klee's skill can allow her to deal Pyro DMG while off-field, which makes her a really good quickswap DPS.

For her burst, however, Klee needs to stay on-field.

Sparks ‘n’ Splash will let Klee deal a continuous barrage of AoE Pyro DMG for 10 seconds, which have a high damage and attack rate. This can prove fatal to your enemies as the non-stop flow of bombs and explosions can easily knock out enemies and clear the field in almost no time at all.

Team compositions

Klee may be a great damage dealer, but she’s literally a 5-year old. Not only does it feel bad when she gets damaged, her short stature can also be to her detriment.

This can be rectified with the proper team composition that can mitigate her restrictions.

Be warned! Her premium team is very expensive, as they comprise mainly of 5-star characters, like Kazuha/Venti, Albedo, Mona/Zhongli.

The idea here is that Klee needs a CC character that can pull in her bombs and enemies together to continuously deal damage, another that can increase Elemental Mastery, give elevation, and act as a sub-DPS, and someone that can buff you or protect you from damage.

Venti and Kazuha can provide CC for Klee while boosting her damage with the Viridescent Venerer 4-piece set, Mona can provide damage buffs, and Zhongli will provide a robust shield and universal resistance shred.

Finally, Albedo can provide elevation with his skill, act as the off-field sub-DPS, and provide shields using Crystallize for a measure of protection.

Plus, he's basically Klee's big brother, so it's nice to have them on one team.

But if you lack those 5-star characters, it’s not really a problem. For a wallet-friendlier team, you can go for:

  • Bennett, Diona, Noelle

    • Bennett for buffing, Diona for healing and Elemental Mastery increase, Noelle for shielding

  • Xiangling, Sucrose, Barbara

    • Xiangling for Pyro resonance and as sub-DPS, Sucrose for CC and Elemental Mastery increase, Barbara as healer and Vaporize enabler

  • Sucrose, Diona, Thoma

    • Thoma for Pyro resonance and shield

  • Diona, Sucrose, Geo Traveller

    • Geo Traveller’s skill can be a platform to keep Klee elevated and away from enemy attacks

You can also mix and match these characters together to make your own team!

Spark Knight to the rescue!

Klee isn’t that hard to build. The strategy to utilize her strengths is actually pretty straightforward and simple.

For artifacts, the only way to really go is to use the Crimson Witch of Flames 4-pc artifact set, which plays into her strength of procuring elemental reactions and greatly amping up her Pyro DMG.

For the main stat on the sands, go for ATK%, your goblet should always have Pyro DMG Bonus, and for the circlet, look for Crit, depending if you’re more in need of Crit Rate or Crit DMG. For substats, it’s good to stack on Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge.

For weapons, your best 5-star option will definitely be Lost Prayer to The Sacred Winds. This 5-star catalyst ascends with Crit Rate and can greatly buff your Elemental DMG bonus and give you more movement speed, which helps a lot because Catalyst users are notoriously clunky to use.

If the weapon banner is a no-go for you, you can opt to use these 4-star alternatives:

  • Solar Pearl - Battle Pass catalyst that ascends with Crit Rate, buffs your normals, skill, and burst

  • The Widsith - Gacha weapon that ascends with Crit DMG, increases damage output by buffing ATK, Elemental DMG, or EM

  • Mappa Mare - craftable weapon that ascends with Elemental Mastery, grants Elemental DMG bonus

  • Dodoco Tales - event-free weapon that’s specifically designed for Klee. Ascends with ATK and greatly increases your normal and charged attack DMG.

While Klee is still a child, don’t be deterred.

She’s definitely a very formidable DPS that just needs the right baby-sitters to help her realize her full potential. After all, Klee has canonically solo'd the Primo Geovishap.

If you already have Kazuha and want to spice up your gameplay, maybe Klee will reignite (ehe) the fun for you!

Klee features in a double character banner alongside the 5-star Anemo sword character Kaedehara Kazuha, who is getting his first rerun.

Both characters will be available to wish for from 13 July to 1 August.

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