Genshin Impact player pulls Neuvillette during TWICE concert, internet applauds priorities

Ever got a TWICE buff while pulling wishes on Genshin Impact? One player did while attending TWICE's 'Ready to Be' Concert.

Ever got a TWICE buff while pulling wishes on Genshin Impact? A player did while attending TWICE's
Ever got a TWICE buff while pulling wishes on Genshin Impact? A player did while attending TWICE's "Ready to Be" Concert. (Photo: HoYoverse, JYPnation)

Who said K-pop and gaming can’t cross paths? This TWICE concert-goer and Genshin Impact player had her priorities straight — having made time to pull wishes in-game, and was rewarded with Neuvillette, one of the newest 5-star characters from Fontaine.

TikTok user and cosplayer ariagiriii posted her lucky pull on 4 October.

“Pulling for Neuvillette during TWICE' Ready to Be in PH D2!! The way I screamed while everyone else was listening to Mother Ji,” the caption said.

In the clip, ariagirii showed a shot of the ongoing concert in the background and her phone screen in the foreground. As the crowd screamed and cheered to the song “BRAVE”, the player started screaming along as Neuvillette was revealed on her screen.

Internet reacts

The post went viral, gaining 185,000+ likes and more than a thousand reposts. Many also commented on the post after finding the video amusing.

“Neuvillette is a priority,” Tiktok user "Julie" commented. Another user who goes by the name “mago” also commented how timely it was that the lightsticks the fans were using at the time were also blue.

“K-pop stans 🤝 Genshin stans,” another user named "anks" commented.

“I've been a ONCE since their debut way back in 2015,” she said and shared that she even wanted to go to [the group's] first concert in the Philippines in 2019 but was unable to because of work. For context, ONCE is the moniker given to fans of the popular K-pop girl group TWICE

This time, she was able to attend "Ready to Be," TWICE’s concert held at the Philippine Arena on 1 October concert.

According to her, she had intended use her "TWICE buff" to pull for Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail, another popular game by HoYoverse, but had already managed to get the character earlier.

“I already pulled weeks before the concert,” she said. However, Neuvillette was just released four days prior to the concert date.

“I could say I tried summoning the Hydro dragon with TWICE's blessing, a ritual, as we say in gacha pulling. And he did come home with the blue ocean of candy bongs (the official TWICE lightstick).”

Many players of games with gacha like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail have developed pulling “rituals” to boost their luck and get the character or weapon they’re pulling for.

Some popular Genshin rituals include wishing on the hand of the Barbatos Statue, opening chests and more. Others link their pull ritual to special real-life events, similar to ariagiriii.

Of course, she also took time to fully enjoy the concert. “I only logged in to pull for him in just 90 seconds, then logged out again so I could focus my girlies,” she clarified.

Well, at least it looks like the TWICE concert buff worked well for her.

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