Genshin Impact to get new Daily Commissions system similar to Honkai: Star Rail in version 4.1

HoYoverse is also working on more quality-of-life changes coming in future updates, such as simplified systems for Expeditions, Forging, and Cooking.

Genshin Impact will be getting a revamped Daily Commissions system, similar to the one used in Honkai: Star Rail, in the upcoming version 4.1 update. (Photos: HoYoverse)
Genshin Impact will be getting a revamped Daily Commissions system, similar to the one used in Honkai: Star Rail, in the upcoming version 4.1 update. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse announced on Wednesday (13 September) that the game will be getting a revamped Daily Commissions system — similar to the one used in another HoYoverse title, Honkai: Star Rail — in the upcoming version 4.1 update.

Genshin Impact's Daily Commissions system allowed players to get up to 60 Primogems, the game's premium in-game currency used to acquire new characters and weapons, alongside other rewards each day they play the game.

The rewards can be acquired by completing four commissions, which grant 10 Primogems each, alongside a 20 Primogem bonus for completing all four at the Adventurer's Guild.

The commissions are like mini quests and range from defeating enemies, completing exploration challenges, or performing tasks for NPCs.

Some of Genshin Impact’s Daily Commissions can be quite the hassle, especially the ones where players have to sit through a lengthy dialogue with an NPC before they are even handed a task to do.

By comparison, Honkai: Star Rail’s Daily Missions can be completed without much hassle as they are tied closely with the usual day-to-day grind for players.

Players will need to complete five out of seven missions to get all of the daily rewards. These missions are much easier than Genshin’s Commissions, as they include defeating a certain number of enemies, destroying destructible objects, and even using the game’s Photo-taking system, among others.

Old Daily Commissions not going away

The new Daily Commission system for Genshin Impact being introduced in version 4.1 closely resembles that of Honkai: Star Rail's. Under this new system, called Adventure Encounters, players will earn Encounter Points after they complete a quest, participate in an event, carry out exploration, and collect materials.

This doesn't mean that Daily Commissions are going away though, as they now share a claim attempt and reward cap with the Encounter Points. This means that players can freely choose what they want to do in order to get their daily fix of Primogems, such as completing two Daily Commissions and two Encounter Point challenges, for example.

Players will be able to use the new Adventure Encounters system once they reach Adventure Rank 35 or complete Archon Quest Chapter II: Act III 'Omnipresence Over Mortals' in Inazuma.

"With the release of new areas, the amount of available content also gradually increases. In order to give everyone more options for playable content and playtime while preserving the game's original gameplay and rewards, the developers will make long-term adjustments and optimisations to various gameplay [elements]," HoYoverse said of the upcoming changes to Daily Commissions.

"Following the release of Adventure Encounters, the developers will continue to monitor usage and feedback from Travelers, in hopes of providing Travelers with a better gaming experience."

Other optimisations coming in 4.1

Aside from the revamped Daily Commissions system, Genshin Impact version 4.1 will also see optimisations for Adventure Rank Ascension Quests. Once the update goes live, Ascension Quests will be easier to complete and players will receive a more noticeable notification when they are available.

The 'Embattle' system, which grants players a host of rewards for reaching certain milestones such as leveling up characters and weapons, will also have its Adventure Rank requirement lowered from 20 to 16. Weapon Ascension materials and other enhancement materials have also been added to the list of rewards from Embattle.

"When creating new content, the developers continue to pay attention to Travelers' gaming experiences with content from previous versions. We have found that some Travelers have encountered difficulties upon their arrival in Teyvat or encountered obstructions at certain points. We hope to make the experience smoother with some optimisations so you can level up in the game faster and easier," added HoYoverse.

Aside from those changes coming to version 4.1, HoYoverse is also working on more quality-of-life changes for future updates.

These include simplified systems for Expeditions, Forging, and Cooking; improvements to enemy tracking through the Adventurer Handbook; and optimisations to enhancing weapons and artifacts as well as leveling up characters.

Genshin Impact version 4.1 is expected to be released on 27 September, and will feature the debuts of new 5-star characters Neuvillette and Wriothesley. Other content updates coming in Genshin Impact version 4.1 will be shown on the preview livestream taking place on 15 September.

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