‘Gift that keeps on giving’: George Santos’ ‘embarrassing’ karaoke account has been revealed

What appears the karaoke account of scandal-ridden New York Republican Representative George Santos has been unearthed on the singing app Smule.

The account is registered under the name “georgedevolder,” according to Rolling Stone. Mr Santos’s full name is George Anthony Devolder Santos.

The profile picture shows Mr Santos wearing a bowtie and doing the “duck face,” the magazine notes.

The embattled congressman was recently spotted at a BBQ place in Washington DC on a karaoke night, but he declined to sing despite being called on by the emcee, who said, “George, you’re on deck!” according to NBC News.

Mr Santos appears to have recorded himself singing Hallelujah and uploading it to Smule eight years ago, a rendition Rolling Stone calls “solid”.

“Santos carries the tune well, adds some gravel-voiced theatricality, and most respectably, powers through the hard-to-hit notes with absolute conviction,” the magazine states.

He also sang Cups from the film Pitch Perfect, Let It Go from Frozen, and Friend Like Me from Aladdin. In addition to the four solo performances from Mr Santos, he also appears in several duets in songs from various Disney movies, such as The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast.

“Come have fun guys it’s all about having fun!!!” Mr Santos wrote in the caption of his version of Hallelujah.

Twitter users were quick to share their takes on the congressman’s karaoke endeavours.

“George Santos is the gift that keeps on giving,” Rikki Schlott tweeted.

One Twitter user said the karaoke profile is “more embarrassing than anything you could make up”.

“Yesterday a tiktokker leaked George Santos’ smule karaoke account on which he sang exclusively Disney songs and today he stepped down from all of his committee assignments so for my own amusement I’m gonna go ahead and assume the two things are related,” another account holder joked.

YouTuber Hank Green added: “A guy on TikTok found George Santos’s 8 year old account on a karaoke app. It’s full of him singing Disney movie songs. I’m not linking because being Disney Cringe is actually kinda endearing.”

“I’m kinda warming up to him. Like, yeah he should be removed from office and charged with whatever crimes possible. But, in a cute way,” one Twitter user responded.

“Let’s not shame him when he’s being authentic for once,” another added.

“I wanna say I’m shocked that the Republicans didn’t vet this guy, but after 2016 I just can’t be at this point,” a third said.

The news of the karaoke discovery made it all the way onto The Late Show on CBS with host Stephen Colbert joking “according to Santos, those recordings earned him a Tony, a Grammy, a Purple Heart and the Nobel Prize for volleyball”.