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This girl’s mom was friends with Pedro Pascal in high school: ‘He kinda seems down bad for her’

This TikToker’s mom lived the dream of many: She went to high school with Pedro Pascal, and it’s possible he had a crush on her, too.

Bella (@bellsontour), a 21-year-old creator, recently revealed that her mom, Kiley, attended high school with the star of The Last of Us. To make matters more enviable, Pedro also wrote her a pretty eloquent message on more than one occasion.

“every time i remember my mom was friends with pedro in high school,” Bella writes.

Bella zooms in on a black-and-white yearbook photo of a young Pedro Pascal, who reportedly graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, California in 1993.

In the next clip, Bella quickly shows the long message Pedro wrote in her mom’s yearbook, including his signature. Many commenters suggested that The Mandalorian star was manifesting his eventual acting career.

“Keep this!!” Pedro wrote.

Pedro appears to have written Kiley a sweet graduation card as well.

“Found the graduation card he wrote me too,” Bella’s mom said in a text.

In a follow-up video, Bella posted a highly requested “mom reveal.”

“To the disgrace of some and the joy of many, she is now happily married with four children,” Bella says. “She doesn’t have anymore Pedro content, but her friends might.”

“Pedro pascal was IN LOVE BRO”

With more than 13.1 million views and 2.7 million likes, Bella’s original video was a hit among Pascal-loving TikTokers.

“If anyone wrote me that I’d cry, much less Pedro Pascal himself,” one user wrote.

“he coulda been your dad, but he’ll always be our Daddy,” another joked.

“He kinda seems down bad for her- did they keep in touch?!?” someone asked.

“Pedro pascal was IN LOVE BRO,” a TikToker commented.

While we’re happy Bella’s mom is living her best life without Pedro Pascal, it still seems like a pretty big flex to say you were friends with the beloved actor back in the day — let alone a potential love interest.

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