Girl sustains cut at Canopy Park, second reported injury at Jewel attraction

Goh's 14-year-old niece sustained a deep cut on her face while playing at the mirror maze attraction at Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park on 19 June, 2019. (PHOTOS: Susan Goh/Facebook)

CLARIFICATION: A Jewel spokesperson said on Friday that the bill at the clinic was borne by the teen's family, and not by the attraction. The spokesperson had previously told Yahoo News Singapore that it was covered by Jewel.

SINGAPORE — A 14-year-old girl sustained a deep cut on her face that required nine stitches while playing at an attraction at Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park on Wednesday (19 June), the second known report of injury within 10 days of the park’s opening.

The incident at the mirror maze attraction in the park came to light when the teenager’s aunt, Susan Goh, 45, posted before and after photos of the wound on Facebook on the same evening.

In her post, the real estate consultant wrote that her niece was playing with five other children at the attraction when the incident occurred, but the teenager did not know how she sustained the injury.

Goh told Yahoo News Singapore that her niece, who turns 15 next month, only found out about the cut after one of the children she was playing with pointed out that she was bleeding.

The girl was later escorted to a clinic at Terminal 3 by the attraction’s staff ranger to seek medical attention. As the cut required stitching, she was referred to Raffles Hospital, where a doctor said that the wound would likely leave a scar, said Goh.

The teen’s family footed all medical expenses incurred, which amounted to more than $4,000 so far, according to Goh, who added that her niece would need to go for subsequent check-ups at the hospital.

When contacted, a Jewel spokesperson confirmed that the incident took place at about 5.15pm on Wednesday, with first aid immediately administered by its attraction staff when the teen discovered her injury upon exiting the maze.

“Initial investigations showed that the incident took place when the female guest was playing in the maze,” the spokesperson added.

“We regret the guest's unfortunate experience and wish her a smooth recovery. We urge all guests to exercise personal safety and adhere to safety instructions while having fun at the attractions.”

Goh said that her main reason for sharing her niece’s experience on social media is to ensure that strict and proper safety procedures are in place to prevent others from getting hurt.

“The cut on the face is not life and death - we can live with a superficial scar. I'm only worried if (her) eyes got injured and pray hard that such an incident will never occur,” she said, adding that her niece and family will likely not visit the park again.

Last Friday, a woman suffered a deep cut on her hand after falling at the 250-metre long Sky Nets attraction, which is suspended 25 metres above the ground at Canopy Park.

The woman was administered basic first aid and declined a visit to the clinic, the Jewel spokesperson said.

Other attractions within the 14,000sqm park located on the topmost level of Jewel Changi Airport, include the 50-metre long Canopy Bridge, Discovery Slides, Petal Garden and Hedge Maze.

Currently, there are safety advisories and on-ground reminders by the park’s rangers, who are stationed at all the attractions, regarding proper footwear, appropriate behaviour, minimum height requirement and adult supervision for young children.

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