Godfrey Gao's "Hello Gorgeous"

Godfrey Gao's "Hello Gorgeous"

11 Mar – What more appropriate title can you come up with other than "Hello Gorgeous" for Taiwanese model and actor Godfrey Gao? The 28-year-old actor's drama of that name has begun airing on Hunan Satellite Television just recently, and ratings are extremely high.

According to Jayne Stars, fans have praised the fashion drama for its intense plot of love and revenge, its outlook on the internal strife that runs rampant in the modern fashion industry and the attractive designs. They have also remarked on its similarities with popular palace dramas "The Legend Of Zhen Huan" and "Schemes Of A Beauty".

The mainland Chinese drama tells the story of a fashion design student named Song Jiaoyang (Shera Li), who wounds up becoming a supermodel herself by accident. As she learns the ropes of the modelling industry, she meets Li Zhen (Godfrey Gao), who is seeking revenge against his uncle for snatching away his family's company after his father's death, subsequently destroying any kindness that Li Zhen has. Now Li Zhen will not stop at anything in his quest for vengeance, even going so far as to exploit his relationship with Jiaoyang and cause her harm.

"Hello Gorgeous" is actually based on the 1997 Korean drama "Model", and stars real-life supermodels alongside Shera and Godfrey, as well as fellow model-turned-actor Jed Lee.

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