Five good reasons to eat eggs

Eggs have had a bad press over the years. First they were labelled as  being high in cholesterol, then came the salmonella scare. But eggs are cheap, versatile, nutritional superstars. Here’s why you should eat them...

1. They're low-cal
At around 70 calories apiece, they’re a fantastic source of low-calorie protein.

2. They help you lose weight
Starting the day with an egg may help you lose weight. US researchers found that when they compared two groups who ate the same number of calories for breakfast – one group ate eggs, while the other group enjoyed bagels – the egg eaters lost twice as much weight, had more energy and an 83% greater reduction in their waistline than the bagel eaters.

3. They're good for your eyes
They may help protect your eyes against macular degeneration and cataracts thanks to the nutrient lutein, present in egg yolk.

4. They're good for your brain and liver
Apart from raw liver, egg yolks are the richest source of the nutrient choline, which is vital for brain function and liver health.

5. They're cheap and easy to cook
Last but not least… eggs are cheap to buy, easy to cook, versatile and delicious!

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