Gujarat Shocker: Man Stabs Ex-Wife to Death on Suspicion of Extra-Marital Affair, Later Surrenders to Police

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Rajkot, October 17: A shocking incident has come to light from Gujarat's Rajkot where a man allegedly murdered his ex-wife suspecting her of making him a cuckold and having an extra-marital affair. Reports inform that the man had recently divorced his wife. After committing the crime, he surrendered to the police, without any remorse over his heinous act. According to a report by TOI, the accused identified as Shailesh Panchasara called the police control room after killing his ex-wife and surrendered.

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The victim has been identified as Neha Parmar. The gruesome incident took place around midnight on Friday. Reports inform that the couple was married for five years and has a three-year-old daughter. They had recently got divorced five months ago and the daughter was living with the deceased. Ahmedabad Shocker: Woman Dumps Husband, Obtains His Fake Death Certificate for Insurance Amount; Arrested.

Giving details about the incident, cops stated that Shailesh started having doubts on his paternity as he suspected Neha of having an extramarital affair. He visited his house in Ghanteshwar area at around 9 pm on Friday to clear his misgivings. Neha, who started living with her parents, did not inform them that she was going to meet Shailesh. She informed her parents that she was going to meet her cousin and would go to her work from there the following day.

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The man met his ex-wife and took her to an isolated place near Atal Sarovar on the new Ring Road where he stabbed her. Neha started to scream after which he throttled her with a cloth piece. Assistant commissioner of police (west), PK Diyora was quoted in the TOI report saying that after killing his wife, the accused informed the police control room. When Police rushed to the spot, he showed cops the body. The police then called up Neha’s parents to reach the crime spot to identify the body.

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