Harry Styles criticised for saying ‘people like me’ don’t win Grammys after victory over Beyoncé

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Music fans were left bemused after Harry Styles took home the award for Album of the Year for Harry’s House at the 2023 Grammys.

Even more bemusing was a comment the former One Direction star made while accepting the award at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday (5 February).

After beating out favourites Beyoncé and Adele as well as Lizzo and Bad Bunny for the top prize, Styles said in his speech: “This doesn’t happen to people like me very often and this is so, so nice.”

Many people quickly took issue with the fact that Styles claimed such awards rarely go to “people like” him.

While it’s unclear what Styles was referring to, music fans pointed out that white, cisgender males like him have dominated awards ceremonies for decades. Meanwhile, Beyoncé is still yet to win Album of the Year.

“We beg to differ, Harry. Mediocre white men get glamourised, rewarded and awarded over exceptionally talented, amazing Black women like @Beyonce all day, every day. Case in point is this AOTY win. #GRAMMYs,” one fan tweeted.

Harry styles said ‘this doesn’t happen to people like me very often’ and I gotta be honest I can’t think of a type of people this happens for more,” another wrote on Twitter.

“Harry Styles needs to send Kendrick and Beyoncé a 9,000 word apology text and get it tattooed all over his body,” wrote another critic.

Nevertheless, some Grammys viewers were fans of both artists and had a more diplomatic approach to the results of the awards.

“Two things are true at once for me,” began one fan on social media.

Harry’s House is Styles’ best project to date that 100 per cent showcases his craft and ability as an artist and it deserves to be recognized as such. Renaissance was once again a testament to Beyoncé’s…EVERYTHING and the academy loves to mess with her.”

Another fan echoed this sentiment: “Two things can be true at once: 1) Beyoncé has been historically snubbed by the Recording Academy and deserves her flowers,” they began.

“2) I can be a Harry Styles fan and be happy that he won an award when I’ve watched his career grow while also acknowledging his privilege,” they added.

Other fans joked that they hoped those who were happy about Styles’ win weren’t going to try and get tickets to see Beyoncé.

“I hope all the "Harry Styles deserved #AOTY" over Beyoncé fans keep that same energy and keep yo a** off Ticketmaster when these #RENAISSANCEWorldTour tickets drop cuz the math ain’t mathin!” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

Just last week, Beyoncé fans were trying to trick each other into thinking the star’s performance wasn’t worth seeing live in the race to secure tickets.