Haunted trails in Singapore to spook you out this Halloween

Flora Yeo
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SINGAPORE – Haunted houses, ghost tours and spooky attractions used to be the highlights of October as we screamed our hearts out as part of the Halloween celebrations. Unfortunately, the pandemic has sidelined some attractions such as the cancellation of the annual Halloween Horror Nights by Universal Studios Singapore, one of the biggest scare festivals that attract large crowds yearly.

However, there are still plenty of ways to get the thrills and chills while keeping to safe-distancing guidelines. Explore abandoned buildings, learn the history of the sites and go on a virtual tour this Halloween!

Communicate with the inhabitants” of Dempsey Hill

Dempsey Hill. (PHOTO: Jane's Tours)
Dempsey Hill. (PHOTO: Jane's Singapore Tours)

Explore Dempsey Hill, formerly a military barracks in the 1860s

The road leading up to and around where Dempsey Hill is situated was named after a decorated soldier, General Sir Miles Christopher Dempsey. Also known as Dempsey Road or Tanglin Village, it was originally the site of a nutmeg plantation that later became Tanglin Barracks for the British troops in 1861.

Singaporeans and tourists alike have known Dempsey Hill to be a food and lifestyle hub, but it is also a hot spot for paranormal activities.

The tour includes learning about the heritage of the area, followed by ‘entering’ the world to communicate with the ‘inhabitants’, with the help of traditional and modern mediumship tools such as copper dowsing (or divining) rods, pendulums and an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector.

Tour Details:

1 November 2020 by Jane’s Singapore Tours

Gear up for a Ghost-hunting Experience

Whether you believe in spirits, the existence of ghosts, or simply a result caused by a series of coincidences, this tour lets you decide for yourself.

Explore the spooky sites with ghost-hunting equipment and listen to creepy tales that happened during the World War II in Singapore. Learn about the history of the ‘Sook Ching’ operation where thousands of innocent lives were lost, right at the actual site of a former British coastal artillery battery. And of course, visit the world's largest Chinese cemetery that houses over 100,000 tombs. Don’t forget your talismans.

Tour details:

Two to start a tour, by Oriental Travel & Tours.

Take on a Graveyard Shift

Be your own tour guide and explore the Bukit Brown Cemetery, a 200-plus acres burial ground that houses thousands of impressive tombstones and religious statues. As one of Singapore’s largest and last-remaining graveyards, there are lots to see and discover, including well-known figures that played an important role in Singapore’s nation-building.

Just download the PDF and explore the site on your own. No one said anything about not exploring the area at night…

Tour details:

Self-guided tour, by Wayfinder

‘Check-in’ to the Old Changi Hospital

The derelict Old Changi Hospital in Singapore. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
The derelict Old Changi Hospital in Singapore. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

The Old Changi Hospital once housed over 50,000 prisoners of war during the Japanese Occupation

The Old Changi Hospital is said to be the most popular haunted spot in Singapore as it never fails to attract paranormal investigators, curious humans and - surprise surprise - supernatural beings to this abandoned area.

While visitors are not allowed inside the compounds, there is no stopping you from gathering a bunch of your most gung ho friends from organising a walking tour around the location by yourselves.

Night at the Museum

ACM After Dark. (PHOTO: Asian Civilisation Museum)
ACM After Dark. (PHOTO: Asian Civilisation Museum)

ACM After dark...

If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your couch, there are always virtual options to get you into the mood of Halloween!

The Asian Civilisation Museum invites you to discover the ancient stories and secrets of Asian civilisations through your computer screens. Get crafty with a video tutorial, join an exclusive virtual tour with the docents and even whip up a specially spooky-inspired bento set.

Tour details:

Free and ticketed programmes from 31st October 2020, by Asian Civilisation Museum

Explore the Hillview Haunted Mansion

Hillview Mansion. (PHOTO: Weiker N./ExplorerSG)
Hillview Mansion. (PHOTO: Weiker N./ExplorerSG)

Hillview Mansion, a place for thrill-seekers and ghost hunters alike

The Hillview Mansion is known as one of three famous haunted ‘coloured houses’ in Singapore, ranked together with the Punggol Matilda House and the Pasir Ris ‘red’ house. Situated at Bukit Timah, it was once known as a prime area where only the riches were able to afford a space there.

The renovations for the said mansion came to an abrupt halt in the early 2000s. Exact reasons for it are unknown but there is a conspiracy theory that a mistress who used to stay in the house died from a fall off the unfinished balcony. Now, the spot has become a place for thrill-seekers and ghost hunters alike.

Tour details:

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