Hawker, MBS settle dispute over jackpot winnings

The hawker, who was in dispute with the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) casino over her jackpot winnings, will be getting the total rightful sum.

On 4 November, three days after 58-year-old Choo Hong Eng gave her statement to the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA), the casino decided to hand her the winnings. She also had CCTV footage and eye-witnesses to support her claim.

In its statement on Wednesday, MBS said it “regrets” any confusion and decided to pay the rightful amount after carefully reviewing the matter, reported Channel NewsAsia.

The hawker won $416,000 in cash at the slot machines on 18 October but was denied her winnings after the casino said the machine was faulty.

Instead, MBS offered her $50,000 in cash and a sports car worth $258,962, which she could sell back to the casino in exchange for cash. The hawker refused and hired a lawyer to fight her case.

Choo was in Taiwan when the casino made its decision and was informed of the good news by her lawyer. Now back in Singapore, she has signed an acceptance letter and will be given her cheque three days after the casino receives it, reported the broadcaster.

Relieved that the case has been settled, she has pledged to donate half of her winnings to charity, saying that since she won by accident it is appropriate to use the money to help the needy and elderly.