Henry Cavill praises Zack Snyder's version of Superman in 'Justice League' interview

Henry Cavill praises “true” Superman
Henry Cavill praises “true” Superman

In the last few days it’s been reported that Zack Snyder was fired from Justice League rather than left because of a personal tragedy, but at least Henry Cavill has his back.

In a featurette, that will appear on the Justice League DVD and Blu-Ray, the British actor sings the praises of the Superman Snyder envisioned for the movie.

“In my opinion this is the first time we see Superman in truth,” Cavill says. “We have seen the origin story of Superman. We have seen the downfall and doubt of Superman.

“And finally with this rebirth, we see the true Superman. The Superman who is confident and sure, and full of hope and joy.”

Cavill praises the character in a ‘Justice League’ DVD interview
Cavill praises the character in a ‘Justice League’ DVD interview

We know he’s talking about Snyder because in the featurette he is clean shaven so it was filmed before the actor had to return for reshoots with Joss Whedon with his Mission Impossible moustache.

Cavill’s comments also come after it was revealed that several deleted scenes will be on the DVD and Blu-Ray that focus on Superman and his time between returning to the Kent farm and joining Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg in the final battle with Steppenwolf.

These scenes better show the transition the Kryptonian went throug,h following his resurrection, as he returns to the Fortress of Solitude and chooses his blue and red suit over his black one.

By picking the colourful get-up it shows Superman choosing to be the hero he once was rather than the brooding and all-powerful alien the black suit represents.

No doubt fans will be hoping for a director’s cut of the movie with these scenes included, after all, one of the main criticisms was how rushed the Man of Steel’s recovery was.

Sadly it doesn’t sound like that will happen. If Warner Bros did fire Snyder then it is highly unlikely his cut will be released, though many sources said his original version was “unwatchable”.

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