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Mandy Moore

As a young ‘un, Moore had serious beauty goals, she joked. Just look at the pic: “Further evidence that even in 4th grade, I was ready for my @garnierusa campaign. ALSO, I had those stinking braces for a whopping 6 months and they did absolutely nothing for my teeth. I remember being mostly excited to do red and green rubber bands for the holidays.” (Photo: Mandy Moore via Instagram)

This is her: Mandy Moore's best childhood throwbacks

Raechal Leone Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Mandy Moore — for whatever reason, maybe because she’s been famous and in the spotlight for so long or because she was such a cute kid — is never too embarrassed to share candid snapshots from her younger days. Braces, permed hair, and giant bows are all prominent in the amazing throwbacks that Moore gifts her social media followers on the regular. As the newly engaged actress‘s hit show This Is Us returns for a second season, take a look inside her real-life family album.