Here's How To Find The Good Stuff On Netflix And It's Literally Just A Code

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We’ve written before at HuffPost UK about how there’s a simple button that can make Netflix’s music quiet and dialogue loud.

And now, it turns out there’s an easy way to find exactly what you’re in the mood for on the streaming site ― it’s a matter of secret codes.

While Netflix’s homepage is great at recommending shows in groups like “BAFTA winners” and “feel-good sitcoms”, it can be harder to sort your shows into the specific sections you want when you log in.

But Netflix themselves say that “Amongst the films and TV series for your viewing pleasure, there’s a trove of secret category codes — a list that dates back to the earliest days of the company and already tops 36,000 (yes, really!) and is always growing, a treat for fans who either know exactly what they want to watch or want to try something entirely new.”

How do I use them? 

The codes, which date back to the company’s DVD-distributing days, work when you paste them where the Xs are on the following link: 

You can get codes for everything from 90-minute movies (81466194) to gentle British reality TV (81240711) and nostalgic ’90s (2691941).

There’s even a code for shows you can finish in one weekend (3182735).

Here’s a list of just a few (not all 36,000, obviously) codes ― enjoy! And if you want to find more sections, check out Netflix’s site.

TV shows




Kids and family movies

Action and adventure

 Classic movies


You’ll be able to find many more codes here.