Hong Kong singer Denise Ho’s London concert unaffected by pro-Beijing demonstrators

Sylvia Looi
The presence of pro-Beijing demonstrators at the venue of Hong Kong singer Denise Ho's concert did not affect the event. — Facebook/ HOCC

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 14 — Hong Kong singer Denise Ho’s concert in London over the weekend saw the presence of a small group of pro-Beijing demonstrators outside the concert venue.

Ho’s personal assistant said that the protesters lingered around the venue for about an hour before dispersing, reported China Press.

“After shouting slogans and throwing eggs, they left the area.”

Apart from security personnel, London police were also present to ensure there were no untoward incidents and the concert was unaffected.

In a statement posted on her Facebook page hours before the concert, Ho said she had received information that there would be protesters aiming to create a ruckus.

“What has the world become when a singer who is having a concert is also being threatened?”

Ho is no stranger to controversy.

Recently, she called on Hong Kongers to boycott paying taxes, following the implementation of the face mask ban by the island state government to quell the protest movement there.

In a Facebook posting, Ho said the taxes collected “would only go towards paying the salaries of civil servants.”

She also had red paint thrown on her during the 929 March Against Totalitarianism rally in Taipei.

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