Howard Stern Named Best Hair in America


That is some seriously fantastic hair. (Photo: Andy Kropa/AP)

For the second year in a row, Grooming Lounge, which operates upscale barbershops and men’s spas in addition to having its own line of products, has deemed radio legend Howard Stern as having the “Best Men’s Hair in America.” Company founder Mike Gilman presented the SiriusXM radio host with a commemorative trophy this morning on The Howard Stern Show.

“We surveyed 52 barbers and hairstylists who work in our stores to determine who they thought had the best hair,” Gilman tells Yahoo Beauty. “We had a bunch of different criteria for them to vote on, in terms of healthy and thick hair, versatility — a hairstyle they’d want to get their hands on to give it a bunch of different looks — and uniqueness with kind of a cool hairstyle. And the last one, which Howard thinks is the reason he won, hair that makes the man’s face appears much better than it would look otherwise.”

Gilman says there were more categories of men this year, including radio and TV hosts, Hollywood stars, politicians, and sports figures. While Stern ranked number one in his category and overall, the leading contenders in the other groups included Ben Stiller, former President Bill Clinton, and a tie between athletes Joakim Noah and Bryce Harper. As for those Stern beat out in his category: Mike Greenberg, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Anderson Cooper.

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While Gilman does not believe the “King of All Media” uses much styling product in his glorious locks, he thinks Stern may use “a hair cream — not a putty or a paste — that leaves his curls in place, giving it a little bit of hold and a little bit of shine.”

Regardless of hair type, he highly recommends all men splurge on quality hair products. “The lower-end stuff contain detergents that might zap the health out of the hair,” he says. “But the majority of high-end men’s products will keep hair healthy. And if it’s curly, like Howard’s, it will maintain the curl.”

Gilman, who has been a fan of The Howard Stern Show for more than 20 years, is honored by Stern’s enthusiasm. “Today he had a song about the award, about how his hair is better than Brad Pitt’s and George Clooney’s,” he said. “He joked about his hair being the best thing going for him, and he talked about how excited he was to show off the award to his wife, Beth. So while he was joking that it was a silly award, he said he wouldn’t have me on presenting it to him if it wasn’t important.”


Stern’s award, which is, oddly enough, bald. (Photo: Instagram/SternShow)

In order to thank Stern for his generosity, will be donating 10 percent of sales through Friday to the North Shore Animal League America’s Bianca’s Furry Friends Campaign, which was named in memory of Stern’s beloved bulldog, Bianca (whose full name was Bianca Romijn-Stamos-O’Connell-Ostrosky-Stern).


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