I12 Katong Mall cordoned off, smoke and firefighters seen

Nicholas Yong
Senior Correspondent
The scene at I12 Katong Mall at around 11pm. Photo: Andre He

UPDATE: In a statement, SCDF said that a fire broke out in a first floor unit in I12 Katong, involving the contents of a storeroom. The fire has been extinguished, and damping down operations are in progress. There are no reported injuries.

Heartland shopping mall I12 Katong was cordoned off on Wednesday night (17 May), as smoke was seen emanating from the building and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel were called to the scene.

Around 40 people were seen gathering outside the mall, some of whom have their vehicles parked in the building. An eyewitness reported seeing smoke from about 10.30pm, and that there was a burning smell on the scene. Ambulances and Red Rhinos were also spotted at the scene.

Police were heard telling the gathered crowd that they would be allowed into the building in batches to get their vehicles once the smoke has cleared.

Ms Lim, who works in a retail outlet in the mall and declined to give her full name, said that she was in a lift when smoke started coming into the lift. “I panicked (as) I didn’t know if it was smoke from a fire. I used my keys to knock on the lift door and I pressed the alarm bell, as I was stuck in the lift. But thank God, the lift stopped on the first floor.”

This is a developing story. Yahoo Singapore has reached out to the SCDF for further details.

Additional reporting by Andre He