I'm always slightly overdressed, says Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is "always slightly overdressed for the occasion".

The 26-year-old actress has always loved getting dressed up for glitzy occasions, like film premieres and award shows - but Elle acknowledges that she's often overdressed.

The movie star told Harper's Bazaar: "I am someone who’s probably always slightly overdressed for the occasion, but I don’t mind it.

"I mean, of course I have sweatpants days, and when I’m going to set, I’m like in those.

"You know Eterne? I love their matching sweat sets. Those are really good for sets and for travel."

Elle also admitted that she's always been a vintage-shop girl.

She shared: "I went through a phase when I was like seven, where I would wear old-fashioned bathing suits out as dresses.

"They would be big and kind of looked like rompers. I don’t know if that’s a phase that I’ll go through again, but when I was seven it was cute."

Elle made her film debut as a child and she already has more than 60 acting credits to her name.

Despite this, Elle suggested in 2023 that she is "just coming into [her] own".

She told Marie Claire magazine: "I’ve been working as a kid for so long, so it makes sense. But I do feel like I’m honestly just coming into my own now."

Elle is appreciative of her early success. But the actress feels she's evolved a lot during the course of her career.

She said: "I’ve been fortunate to play great characters, but when you’re a kid in movies, sometimes you’re just the kid in it. You’re being the observer, almost [like] the eyes of the audience … you watch the adults get to be bizarre and have all the fun."