Image of new Lexus ES released ahead of reveal

Official teaser image of new Lexus ES

Sometimes images of a new car are leaked online and you have to wonder if it's the manufacturer itself that's actually the source of the supposed "leak." But when a leaked image appears online and the manufacturer concerned quickly releases its own official image that isn't a whole lot different from the leak, it seems like the automaker is playing catch-up. That's how it appears to be with Lexus and its new ES sedan, which saw a leaked image of the front grille appear online before an official image that's remarkably similar to the leak was put out by the company.

Regardless of how and when the images appeared and who released them, what they all show is the car's absolutely massive spindle grille. The official image shows little more than a close-up of the feature and the Lexus badge, while the leaked image revealed a little more of the front fascia.

We won't have to wait too long to see the new Lexus in all its glory though as it's going to be making its full global debut on April 25 at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show in China. The all-new ES, which stands for "Executive Sedan," is likely to be an important model for Lexus in China, and perhaps even more so if the reports of the People's Republic dropping its new vehicle import tariffs and making it easier for foreign manufacturers to sell there do turn out to be true.

The press release from the luxury arm of Toyota doesn't reveal much about the midsize sedan other than the fact it's "more than just a pretty face," and that it will "transform the concept of comfort for luxury consumers all over the world."

In European markets the ES is expected to be a replacement for the current but aging GS, which is expected to be discontinued this month as a result of a lack of demand. The new ES will be a totally new model because it will be built using the Toyota New Global Architecture, and will therefore have many things in common with the likes of the Toyota Avalon. The new platform should deliver better packaging and less weight than the GS, which is likely to lead to a positive impact on handling and fuel efficiency.