Ipoh man treats Foodpanda rider to McDonald’s meal he ordered, tells rider to rest and fill his tummy

Melanie Chalil
Twitter user @danialrafiqq hopes there are more customers like this. — Picture from Twitter/@danialrafiqq
Twitter user @danialrafiqq hopes there are more customers like this. — Picture from Twitter/@danialrafiqq

PETALING JAYA, Sept 17 — Random acts of kindness can come from anywhere.

Just as food delivery apps are helping Malaysians order their favourite dishes with greater ease, one man decided to use a popular food ordering platform to return the favour to hardworking riders.

The generous gesture was shared by Twitter user @danialrafiqq who uploaded a snapshot of a receipt that bore a unique message found on the special request section.

“Bro, have you eaten? This is my treat, no need to deliver to my location. Once you collect the food, rest for a bit and fill your tummy,” read the printed note.

The receipt from McDonald’s included a medium McChicken value meal with French fries and iced lemon tea, amounting to RM15.90.

The image of the receipt was accompanied by the caption, “Hope there are more customers like this.”

According to @danialrafiqq, the good deed took place in Ipoh, Perak.

The tweet which was posted on Sunday morning has been retweeted more than 21,000 times and garnered over 19,000 likes since.

The charitable act was celebrated by Malaysians on social media, wishing the generous customer a blessed life.

Others commented saying using the app to buy food for a stranger was one of many methods to give alms.

Another Twitter user @hwrxyn took the opportunity to share a similar act of kindness by a rider while she was on her way home.

“Yesterday when I was on my way home, I saw a Foodpanda rider who was helping someone change their car tyre, may he be blessed,” @hwrxyn wrote.

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